Question 16. Once the leaders have completed the first module (nine ninety minute sessions) how is this stewardship material shared with all the members of the congregation?

Each congregation is different so there is no one prescribed way to make this happen. Congregations have taken a variety of creative approaches. Some examples include:

  1. Using the material in all the existing small groups or starting new small groups for this purpose.
  2. Using the materials with all the boards, committee, or taskforces within the congregation.
  3. Having leaders give brief testimonials after the worship service describing what they are learning in the Stewardship Learning Communities.
  4. Having stewardship prayers highlighting all aspects of Christian stewardship regularly in the general prayers of the congregation.
  5. Producing newsletter articles highlighting what is being learned in the Stewardship Learning Communities.
  6. Having leaders who have completed the Stewardship Learning Communities begin new Stewardship Learning Communities with congregational members.