Downloading Files to your computer

When you click on the "Download" button a popup window will appear and give you the choice of "Open" or "Save." Click on the Save button and then select a location on your computer to save the Course file. "Desktop" is an easy choice as the file will be easy to locate on the desktop.

Opening a "Zipped" file

The Faith Aflame E-learning Course is downloaded as one file which actually contains a number of files needed to run the course on your computer. In order to view the course the files inside must be "un-zipped" using an application. Most computers are equipped with an "unzip" application and so to open the Course, try double clicking on the file name. The unzip client should open and ask you to select a location where you want the files to be saved. It is suggested that you create a folder with the same name as the zip file name and extract the files to that folder.

Once extracted you can open the Course by either browsing to the "htm" file with your Web browser or open then with Adobe Shockwave Player. If the right file is not installed on your computer to view the Course files a message will appear giving you a link to download the needed files. Here is a link to

Using the Courses

Once the necessary files have been unzipped and stored on your computer, you can use the Course materials for your own personal edification or in groups of people by connecting a LCD projector or Monitor to your computer.